Content Platform strategy

This page outlines the vision, strategy, and goals of the Content Platform team.

Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles


Create, manage, and optimize the content platforms that enable the success of Sourcegraph’s business objectives.

The current existing content platforms include:


In the next six months, we will focus primarily on improving our tracking ability and to iterate fast on the marketing site and blog for the Marketing department.

Full list of roadmap issues for Content Platform team.


  • Convert the marketing site to use our preferred tech stack
  • Establish a unified technical strategy to drive all content platforms forward

  • Enable better analytics to track and measure engagement
  • Enable fast delivery of new templates and changes to existing templates
  • SEO audit site optimization

  • Implement a content hub on


  • Build a library of re-usable UI and functional components across our content platforms
  • Convert the docs site to use our preferred tech stack
  • Perform a design audit on the docs site and make changes accordingly