Content Platform strategy

This page outlines the vision, strategy, and goals of the Content Platform team.

Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles


Create, manage, and optimize the content platforms that enable the success of Sourcegraph’s business objectives.

The current existing content platforms include:

Guiding principles

  1. Customer-first: we exist to enable our customers to succeed against their objectives.
  2. Empowerment: we build everything to empower the customer to be self-sufficient in managing the content.
  3. Forward-thinking: we execute on our customers’ requests, keeping the overall content ecosystem in mind to drive efficiency and re-use.
  4. Indexability: Search engines’ ability to index the content is not an afterthought and is key to success.
  5. High-quality: The content platforms are the face of Sourcegraph to the public, and given our developer-focused audience, only the highest quality of engineering will be acceptable.

Where we are now

We intend to form a self-sufficient engineering team with all the necessary cross-functional roles to deliver on the mission.

We envision driving two workstreams inside of the team, one focused on the more traditional markdown-driven content architecture (handbook, docs) and one around CMS-driven content (marketing, blog, learn). By looking at our platforms from a content-neutral way, we still believe there are many shared elements between all the sites and want to optimize for efficiency. Also, if/when needs of the handbook and docs sites diverge more drastically from the other sites to the point where it causes inefficiency in the team, we will treat it as a signal that it is time to evaluate whether to split the team.

This team will be successful if it can deliver on its customers’ needs to help them achieve their goals. Streamlining the prioritization and delivery of work while enabling self-service ability is essential. Ultimately, meeting the delivery commitments on time will determine the team’s success.


The Content Platform team has the following customers:

  1. Marketing department: The marketing, blog, and learn sites.
  2. Content Platform: The handbook site
  3. Product department: The docs site
  4. Docs team: The docs site

Strategy and Plans

In the next six months, we will focus primarily on improving the self-service ability of the marketing site and blog for the Marketing department.


  • Establish a scalable process for marketing web requests for the Content Platform team—Until the sites are more self-service, the Content Platform team will make the changes on behalf of the marketing team.
  • Establish a unified technical strategy to drive all content platforms forward
  • Deliver the implementation of the redesigned blog

  • Convert the marketing site to use our preferred tech stack
  • Implement Contentful CMS on marketing site
  • Marketing website redesign


  • Build a library of re-usable UI and functional components across our content platforms
  • Convert the docs site to use our preferred tech stack