Content Platform strategy

This page outlines the vision, strategy, and goals of the Content Platform team.

Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles


Create, manage, and optimize the content platforms that enable the success of Sourcegraph’s business objectives.

The current existing content platforms include:


In the next six months, we will focus primarily on improving the self-service ability of the marketing site and blog for the Marketing department.

Full list of roadmap issues for Content Platform team.


  • Convert the marketing site to use our preferred tech stack
  • Establish a unified technical strategy to drive all content platforms forward
  • Convert the blog to user our preferred tech stack
  • Deliver the implementation of the redesigned blog
  • Establish and document an incident response strategy for the sites owned by CPT


  • Build a library of re-usable UI and functional components across our content platforms
  • Convert the docs site to use our preferred tech stack
  • Perform a design audit on the docs site and make changes accordingly