Frontend Platform strategy

The Frontend Platform team, by the nature of their purpose, does not follow a traditional product roadmap and instead focuses on high-impact projects aligned with the company’s OKRs.


To empower all users and Sourcegraph frontend developers to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness by enabling and building a first-class web experience.


Using and developing Sourcegraph is effortless.

  • We have a frictionless developer experience that empowers our frontend engineers to achieve the maximum value from the time spent on development.
  • We have an intuitive, performant, and consistent user experience that makes Sourcegraph an indispensable part of every developer workflow.


Full list of roadmap issues for Frontend Platform

See also our completed goals.

In we’ll tackle the meat of our WCAG accessibility requirements by working with frontend teams to audit and improve their areas of ownership. Because quarterly DevX surveys report “codebase inconsistency” as a contributor to poor developer experience at Sourcegraph, we’ll focus on migrations that standardize our frontend code (including bringing WCL over the finish line!) and setup automations to prevent regressions. Finally, we’ll work with backend teams to introduce more actionable observability tooling that helps teams know how to find problems and fix them quickly.