Repo Management strategy

This page outlines the vision, strategy, and goals of the Repository Management team.

Mission & Vision


Our mission (which we do choose to accept) is to ensure that Sourcegraph’s most critical prerequisite to providing awesome customer value—access to code—is robust, stable and meets the needs of our customers, both directly and in how it underpins everything else in Sourcegraph.


Our support of code hosts scales to the biggest companies with minimal customization or friction. Sourcegraph engineers are able to interact with the components that facilitate access to code in a consistent and simple way, enabling new functionality to be built to support all code management systems with little-to-no customization. Sourcegraph is easily set up to access any code management system, regardless of type. Sourcegraph functionality works with any code, from anywhere.

Note: Sourcegraph’s fiscal year runs from February 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023.

Our main focus for is on significantly improving the admin experience. Allowing admins to easily connect code to Sourcegraph directly supports our team and company mission. Mainly, our work is focused on identifying ways to improve the clarity of how the system should work and how it is working through better observability, monitoring and docs.

  1. Improve admin experience for GitHub (Cloud and Server) and Gitlab (Cloud and Server). This includes implemetnation of GitHub Apps connections to improve security, simplicity, and control for GitHub customers.
  2. Improve BitBucket (Cloud and Server) to parity with first-class code-hosting services
  3. Improve Perforce permissions syncing, including sub-repo permissions.


While we are working on making our roadmap publicly viewable, we are not yet ready to share our detailed roadmap publicly. Internal Sourcegraph employees can see the full list of the tracking issues for Repo Management here.

Product Gaps

This document is an analysis of all currently recorded product gaps linked to our team.