The Talent team is responsible for helping every team at Sourcegraph hire, and for providing an incredible experience to all candidates.

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Talent Team Members

Technical Recruiting Team

  • Devon Coords, Director, Technical Recruiting
    • Engineering
    • Product
    • Support
  • [Frey Andersson], Technical Recruiter
    • Engineering
  • Win Yu, Technical Talent Sourcer
    • Talent research for the technical recruiting team
  • Kemper Hamilton, Recruitment Operations Specialist
    • Interview scheduling for technical recruiters
    • Recruitment branding

Corporate Recruiting Team

  • Kelsey Nagel, Corporate Recruiter
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • BizOps
    • People Operations
  • Marija Petrovic, Senior Sales Recruiter, Team Lead
    • Sales
    • Customer Engineering
  • Grace Bohl, Sales Recruiter
    • Sales
  • Trevor Houghton, Recruitment Operations Specialist
    • Interview scheduling for corporate recruiters