Executive Business Partners (EBPs)

Executive Business Partners Team

  • Sally Voisen (Mgr, Exec Support & Sr EBP) supporting Quinn Slack, CEO
  • Michal Sennett (EBP) supporting Carly Jones, VP People and Talent, and Steve Yegge, Head of Engineering
  • Amber Nocerino (EBP) supporting Greg Bastis, VP Sales, and Aimee Menne, VP Customer Engineering and Customer Support

Contact us on Slack @executive-business-partners


As Executive Business Partners, we are here to support and enable our executive team to be as efficient and effective as possible.

We support our executives with tasks such as scheduling, coordinating travel, organizing team and company wide events, taking notes at meetings, managing simultaneous projects and any other administrative tasks that help our executive team perform at their best.

Scheduling with the Executive Team

Ask yourself or the requestor of the meeting: can this be done async? If not, please reach out to the EBP of the executive you need to schedule for with an agenda, any time preferences, and length of the meeting.

  • Remember to schedule internal prep sessions if needed

**Please be mindful that synchronous meetings consume valuable time and resources, please consider conducting your meeting asynchronously whenever possible.

EBP Resources

TODO: Add additional resources

  • Executive Team Bios
  • Guidelines for Offsite

Best Practices

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  • Utilize the [Zoom plugin for Google Calendar] to schedule Zoom meetings on behalf of your executives
  • Help executives preschedule slack messages