Org chart

The org chart is generated automatically from data files in the handbook repository (need to edit it?). Sourcegraph teammates can see a complete and up-to-date org chart for the entire company in BambooHR.


Our Engineering department includes design, and development.


Our Product team includes product management (PM) and technical project management (TPM).



Technical Success


Talent & People Ops

Executive Business Partners

Data & Analytics

Finance & Accounting

Tech Ops


Sales team

SDR team

Sales strategy & operations

Value Engineering & Sales Enablement

Other teams: TODO

Not all teams are listed here yet.

How to edit

This org chart is generated automatically based on the contents of other handbook pages.

  1. To add a team, edit this page and add a link to the section of the team’s page that lists the members as the header (such as ### [My team](../../myteam/

  2. To edit a team, edit this file, and, if working on a Product team, this file to add or adjust any team members. Follow the steps below:

    a. New Managers: Be sure to add a manager_role_slug to your personal entry. After adding that, check that any team members who report to you have the appropriate reports_to field in their entry. If you are stepping into a role that has been filled by an interim manager, you can update the existing entry rather than creating a new one by removing (Interim) from the role title.

    b. New Teammates: Add your personal entry, and make sure it has a reports_to field with the appropriate slug. To find this slug, locate your manager’s entry, and use the value they have entered for manager_role_slug.