Cody Strategic Team

Team Mission

Turn the largest, most world-recognizable brands into Cody Champions. We do this by partnering with a small number of highly engaged strategic customers to build product functionality that enables these customers to successfully deploy the best coding assistant developers love at scale.

Why are we focused on this mission?

  • Millions of developers around the world work within the Strategic Enterprise segment. These customers often have specialized scale, product, and support needs that require a different way of working thus it is necessary to create a new team focused on this segment.
  • Sourcegraph is an enterprise company and enterprise customers represent 100% of our current ARR, yet none of those customers use Cody meaning there is a large market opportunity. To be successful, we must ensure that both individuals and the world’s largest enterprises can use Cody.
  • Growing Cody usage with strategic enterprise segments will open up future marketing and co-selling opportunities which help establish Sourcegraph as the most powerful coding assistant.


North Star Metric

Cody DAU within strategic enterprises. Sourcegraph employees can find current goal and progress in our OKRs dashboard.

Why? We focus on DAU because we do not want to build shelfware and because DAU aligns closely with how Strategic Customers are measuring the success of Cody.

Company Specific Measures of Success

The Cody Strategic team works very closely with a few customers at a time. We will use these metrics to determine when we believe a customer is successful and loving Cody. The Cody Strategic team will only accept new customers once existing customers show the below results:

  • % of completions accepted
  • iARR (expansion or net new) realized from Cody
  • % DAU/Available developers

What customers does the Cody Strategic team work with?

To achieve our goal of bringing Cody to the largest, most recognizable brands worldwide, we must be highly selective with the customers we work with. We will use this decision framework to evaluate customers:

  • Are they in the Strategic market segment defined in our handbook? Yes/No
  • What is their willingness to co-market? Low/Medium/High
  • Will this open up a new industry for Sourcegraph? Yes/No && Related market
  • How strong is the alignment to Cody’s future vision? Low/Medium/High

The exec team will be responsible for deciding which customers meet these criteria sufficiently to become a Strategic Cody Partner. Sourcegraph employees can find our current strategic partners here.

What will this team not work on?

  • General support for all Cody enterprise customers - This team will only handle customer issues faced by the select customers they are working with at the moment. General support tickets will be handled by the support team and customer escalations will be handled by the Escalation Engineering team.
  • Code Host connections, Identity, deployment tech, or anything else owned by a platform team such as Source - The Cody Strategic team is a temporary team designed to help unblock the first strategic customers using Cody. Platform teams will continue to own their respective platform pieces.

How does this team work?

The section outlines a specific set of working principles for how we work week to week:

  • We identify a lead engineer for each customer we work with
  • We meet as a team each week for sprint planning and updates
  • Each Friday, the EM will submit a weekly update to the Job Fair. This goal is to update the broader organization on the progress made, blockers and upcoming work.
  • This team should feel empowered to make changes to any part Cody required to make customers successful. They should feel empowered to submit PRs to any part of the product necessary to land a successful contract.
  • We rely on consensus and partnership across Cody teams with the goal of aligning strategic customer goals and Cody development.