Core Services Managed Services

A core part of Core Services team responsibilities are developing and maintaining our managed cloud services infrastructure.

Managed Services Platform

The Sourcegraph Managed Services Platform (MSP) is the standardized tooling and infrastructure for deploying and operating managed Sourcegraph services. Going forward, new managed services built by Sourcegraph - internal and external - should aim to be deployed using MSP. To learn more about, see the Managed Services Platform page.

For a complete listing of managed services, see Managed Services infrastructure.

Cody Gateway

Cody Gateway infrastructure is currently a hand-rolled deployment defined in sourcegraph/infrastructure/cody-gateway. This infrastructure setup was a direct precursor to Managed Services Platform.

Pings service

The Pings service is the service that collects ping requests from all Sourcegraph instances, and is available at

Telemetry Gateway

The Telemetry Gateway service is the service that ingests telemetry v2 events from all Sourcegraph instances, as well as other managed services.

Sourcegraph Accounts Management System

Sourcegraph Accounts Management System (SAMS) is the centralized accounts system for all of the Sourcegraph-operated systems. Google OIDC

The GCP project that manages our Google OIDC authentication integration (“Sign in with Google”) for We put the integration in a standalone project for a dedicated public-facing OAuth consent screen.