Core Services Team

The Sourcegraph Core Services team:

  • Builds tooling and operate infrastructure that enables Sourcegraph Engineers to launch and support their own customer-facing services
  • Operates shared/company-wide services

Our mid-term goals are to:

  • Build robust tooling, infrastructure, and best practices for Sourcegraph-managed services
  • Support services operated by other teams on infrastructure and tooling we built
  • Build new services required to make Sourcegraph/Cody successful
  • Support existing services with custom infrastructure, and eventually enable migration to standardised architecture - in particular, strip down into a “plain old Sourcegraph instance” so we can more easily migrate it to standardised architecture

For specific, current examples of our work and ownership, see Ownership areas and go/whodoinotify, filtering by the “Core Services” team.

To reach out to us, please use #discuss-core-services.



Ownership areas

For detailed ownership, see go/whodoinotify, filtering by the “Core Services” team

At a higher level, our core ownership areas include:


Team planning

Planning processes align with those used throughout the Infrastructure org. go/ship-okrs tracks all Infrastructure key results and objectives, including Core Services. go/ship-okrs also maintains a record of weekly updates towards key results and objectives.

Issue tracking

The team does issue tracking within the Core Services GitHub project board (go/core-services-board). This board tracks projects from across the Sourcegraph GitHub organization, as we track issues in several repositories based on relevancy:

How board columns should be used are directly documented in column descriptions within the project board.

Project views

For key results and objectives derived from team planning, DRIs are expected to maintain project views within the shared project board with appropriate filters to capture any relevant work (label, “tracked by”, and so on). These views should be prefixed with KR:.

For ad-hoc support with 3 days+ of work, we can choose to create views to track related requests and work, divided by category, for example Support: Telemetry Gateway.

Recurring meetings

The Core Services team hosts a weekly team sync, with meeting notes available here. Each week we review issue tracking, discuss technical topics, areas of concern, active cross-team discussions, and do some general bantering.

If you have something you would like to discuss synchronously with the team, please reach out to #discuss-core-services and we’d be happy to arrange for you join a session.