Our mission is to accelerate Sourcegraph’s growth through legal strategy.

We provide high-quality legal advice to every team. High-quality legal advice at Sourcegraph is:

  • Practical - enables teams to make decisions
  • Efficient - timely and avoids being a bottleneck or slowing down decisions
  • Balanced - given in context and considers priorities, differing viewpoints, and competing interests

We manage the company’s legal risk by anticipating major legal risks and building mitigation plans. Legal risk includes lawsuits and investigations brought by a third party, which can be a customer, competitor, user, teammate, partner, vendor, or regulator. We enable teammates to identify and weigh legal risks, make informed decisions, and accept calculated risks.

We take initiatives that improve all teammates’ experiences working with the legal team.




See our careers page for open roles on the Legal team.


You can reach out to the legal team a few ways:

SLAs: give us about 1 business day to acknowledge receipt and give you an estimated turnaround time. If you don’t hear back from us in about 1 business day, follow up to make sure we saw your request. If your request is time-sensitive, let us know the ideal turnaround time.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions via any of the channels above.

Contract review and signature authority policy

To direct your contracts to the right team or teammate to review, approve, and sign, click here.

Have a question about what data we can collect, whether we can use certain data for product improvement, and how long we can keep certain data? Check out these slides and recording.

When to engage legal:

  1. Product inception, pre-beta launches, and launches
  2. Naming new products, features, and programs
  3. Feature deprecation or other changes (see Product inception link above) that may affect ToS or Privacy Policy

Every redline is a cost to the company. Redlines cost company resources and slow deal cycles and revenue growth. Given that, we only make redlines that create useful benefits or reduce actual risks for the company. Check your redlines against the redline priorities outlined below:

  1. Limit company liability for data breaches and other common existential lawsuits
  2. Retain company IP
  3. Protect revenue from churn or other reductions (termination for convenience, warranties, cure periods, international tax)
  4. Remove unnecessary obligations that we don’t have in place (reporting obligations, customer-specific SLAs)

Policy updates

Privacy policy

At least annually, with regular monitoring throughout the year, Legal assesses the need for updates to our Privacy policy, to reflect changes in applicable laws and our data collection, use, storage, and sharing practices. Legal will loop relevant stakeholders into this process.

Have a Privacy policy update? Want to document a change in data collection, use, or sharing?

  • Add your proposed update in “suggest change” mode on this staging version and tag our privacy counsel in a comment.


What are we up to? FY’23 goals

Objective 1: Processes are set up to enable company to meet revenue targets

  • KR: 100% of AEs joining April 1 onward complete a 20-minute (or less) legal onboarding (such as a video) as part of sales onboarding within first 1 month
  • KR: 50% of MSA redline comments are copied and pasted from playbook
  • KR: Playbooks and Salesforce non-standard terms fields are updated with each deal
  • KR: At least 50% of our customers signing new deals <$100k ARR agree to use our online terms
  • KR: 100% of customer redlines are reviewed within 3 business days of receipt and in the last month of the quarter within 2 business days of receipt

Objective 2: Our data collection and storage practices for Cloud and other products earn customer trust

  • KR: Privacy policy is updated and process for regular updates is established
  • KR: SOC 2 efforts receive all necessary legal support and attention
  • KR: Privacy program is set up to scale with product, including data mapping, subprocessor updates, incident response plans, teammate FAQs and trainings (this item is contingent on a legal counsel hire in )

Objective 3: Equity compensation is legally compliant and maximizes value to teammates

  • KR: 100% of equity granted to teammates is accurate

Objective 4: Each legal team member has grown

  • KR: Each teammate seeks and receives feedback from at least 3 individuals from different levels and teams on opportunities for improvement
  • KR: Each teammate seeks out and participates in at least one training or conference of their choice

Legal roadmap and :

  • cookie policy is updated
  • data retention policy is published on handbook
  • commercial contract tracking and analytics is improved upon
  • legal team leveling chart is created and used
  • Docusign Powerforms are improved