Compliance training - Internal use

As part of the Sourcegraph team, teammates are required to complete different compliance trainings. All team members, regardless of location, are required to take harassment prevention and security awareness training, and an annually roll re training of both of them. The training takes place in .Continu (LMS).

New hires complete the training as part of their onboarding within their first month at Sourcegraph. All teammates re take trainings annually on a set date. [April for Security Awareness and July for Preventing Harassment] New hires who joined within 6 months prior to the re training, don’t have to do the retraining that year. You can read more about it here


If a new hire is a re-hire (whether intern or otherwise) and previously completed a required training, they would only need to take it again if one of the following is true:

  • We don’t have a way to connect their new employment record with their old one (such that we couldn’t prove it was them who took the training in the same way as other teammates); OR
  • they took the training too long ago such that they would be due for re-training based on our training schedule; OR
  • they need to take a different version of the training (such as someone who worked for us as an international teammate previously but is re-hired as a U.S. employee - they would have to take a different version of the harassment training and should be assigned that course).

This also applies for onboarded contractors who need to align with out training compliance policies.