The Talent & People Team

The Talent Team is responsible for helping every team at Sourcegraph hire, and for providing an incredible experience to all candidates, regardless of hiring outcome. The People Team ensures that all Teammates, once hired, have the tools and support needed to be successful throughout during their journey with us.

While you should find the answer to most of your questions here, if you have any questions for the People Team, please Slack #ask-people-team or email People-ops@sourcegraph.com, and if you have any questions for the Talent Team, please Slack #hiring or email Recruiting@sourcegraph.com.

If you need to discuss something confidential or private, please Slack your People Partner or the VP People & Talent.

In case of emergency, the VP People & Talent and the Director, People are available 24/7 via their cell phone number which is listed in their Slack profile.

Resources for Candidates

Open positions

Interview & offer process

Culture & total rewards

Resources for Teammates

Who to go to

Onboarding as a new hire

Teammate development & mobility

Total rewards

How we measure culture

Relocation/address changes

Immigration support


  • Employment verification process
  • Mortgage process


Reporting violations

Learning & development


Leaving Sourcegraph

  • How to resign

Resources for Managers

Who to go to


Onboarding your new hire


Teammate development & mobility


Learning & development

Celebrating teammates


How we measure culture

  • Types of Lattice surveys (coming soon)
  • How Managers access their team’s survey responses in Lattice (coming soon)
  • How the People Team shares survey results (coming soon)
  • How the People Team actions survey results (coming soon)


  • How to handle a resignation
  • How to kick off a backfill request

Resources for People Team


  • Types of employment
    • US-based Teammates
    • Contractors
    • PEO
  • BambooHR

Teammate development

  • Merit
  • Promotion
  • Compensation

Role / comp / equity change process

  • How to process an equity increase
  • How to process a compensation increase
    • Informing PEO re: comp increases
  • Template letters:

Teammate support

Teammate swag

How we measure culture

  • Types of Lattice surveys (coming soon)
  • How to access survey results (coming soon)
  • How the People Team shares survey results with the company (coming soon)
  • How the People Team actions survey results (coming soon)

Resources for Talent Team

Onboarding resources

Opening a new job & headcount changes

Where we hire



Internship program

The Talent Team

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Carly Jones
VP of Talent & People
Devon Coords
Director, Technical Recruiting
Frey Andersson
Technical Recruiter
Veronica Bueno
Technical Recruiter
Win Yu
Technical Talent Sourcer
Kemper Hamilton
Recruiting Operations Specialist
Kelsey Nagel
Corporate Recruiter
Marija Petrovic
Director, Corporate & Sales Recruiting
Grace Bohl
Sales Recruiter
Trevor Houghton
Recruiting Operations Specialist

The People Team

Inés Roitman
Onboarding and Training Manager
Jonathan Ayers
Director, People
Alex Mathison
Senior People Partner
Sarah Um
Senior People Partner
Carl Robson
Senior People Partner