Sourcegraph internship program

We completed our first-ever internship program in 2022! It was a 12 week internship program beginning May 16, 2022 and ending August 5th, 2022. All roles were full-time and all-remote.

We do not have a set timeline for when our next internship program will occur, but we will update this page accordingly.

We do not limit our internships to just students - we welcome all qualified applicants, including incoming college seniors, graduating seniors, graduate students, people without a degree, or individuals looking to make a career change.

Information for candidates

Why apply?

As a Sourcegraph intern, you will take initiative on hands-on, impactful projects, work alongside world class talent, and offer unique perspectives and ideas that directly influence Sourcegraph’s products and services. We give all of our interns exceptional support and high agency to drive their career forward in the field of recruiting, engineering, sales, design, and more. In addition to providing real-world work experience, we hold socials, speaker events, and career workshops to promote networking, growth, and professional skill development and set our cohort up for their future careers. Click here to see the 2022 cohort internship events.

Open positions

We will be hiring for interns across various business departments. Recruiting will begin in early 2024 and our open roles will be found on our Careers Page.

Job boards we’re using

Compensation, perks, and equipment


Prior to opening internship roles, our compensation offers are approved and finalized by our finance team. Your Recruiter will discuss our compensation offer with you in your recruiter screen.

We pay competitively because we want to hire the best people and we want our teammates to be focused on helping Sourcegraph succeed, not worrying about paying bills. Internships will be paid and follow the same logic as our standard Compensation Philosophy.


  • Our interns use Rippling to track and report their daily and weekly hours for payroll. Our Tech Ops team will help each intern get set up and trained on Rippling during the first week of the internship program.

  • Interns will clock in when they begin their shifts, log their breaks, and clock out at the end of their work day on a daily basis. Time entries can be edited prior to submitting them if a mistake has been made.

  • Payroll FAQ


  • 🌐 Internet - A fixed reimbursement for $50 of internet expenses monthly
  • 📱 Mobile phone - A fixed reimbursement for $75 of mobile phone expenses monthly
  • 🧘 Well-being Leave - We trust you to practice agency over your wellbeing, and we provide wellbeing leave to take if you are ill (sick) or need time away from work to regulate your mental or physical wellbeing. If you are sick or need time away, please alert your Manager and the People Team via Slack.
  • 🏖️ PTO - We offer flexible Paid Time Off (PTO). Given that this is an internship, we expect that you will work with your Manager and the People Team via Slack before confirming your PTO and travel details.
    • We do not allow hourly employees to work federal holidays.

Interns are only eligible for the perks listed above. Any other company perks will not apply to the internship program.


  • We will provide each intern with a loaner laptop for the duration of the internship. Once hired, our Tech Ops team will ship you a Sourcegraph device prior to your first day. The equipment will need to be returned in its original condition and box with all the included accessories at the end of the internship.

VISAs we accept

F1 Student VISA

If you are on a current F1 Student VISA and eligible to work in the US for the duration of the internship program, we will gladly consider you for our internship roles.

If you are hired, we will need to verify your employment within your first 2 days of work using one or a combo of the acceptable documents listed by USCIS as part of your I-9 check. All other VISA requirements, including obtaining an I-20 form to authorize CPT work authorization, will need to be handled between you and your university.

After signing our offer letter, we recommend immediately requesting your I-20 form from your university because this process can take 15 business days.

Sourcegraph does not have the ability to support F1 extensions (OPT).

Read more about our VISA policies for full-time employees.

Hiring after the internship

At the end of an internship, a full time position is not guaranteed, but may be possible depending on performance and what roles are open at that time. If the internship does not end with joining Sourcegraph in a full-time position, our team will happily stay in touch with you in case another opportunity arises in the future.

Information for Sourcegraph teammates

Future internship cohorts

While 2022 was our first internship program, it won’t be our last! We welcome questions and feedback in the #ask-hiring Slack channel so we can improve for future intern cohorts. We will also be hosting a retrospective with participating teammates upon the completion of each internship program.

How to request an intern for your team

The Talent team plans to survey leadership in January 2024 by sending out a Google Form to determine interest and business needs for 2024 interns.

The process for requesting an intern for your team and opening an intern role is documented here. Having an intern is not guaranteed, but the Talent Team will connect with leadership and do their best to align interns with teams as needed.

How to refer an intern

The process for referring an intern is the same process as referring a full time employee. The instructions for doing so are documented here. There is no need for your referral to apply through our careers page once you have referred them in Greenhouse.

My intern request was approved, now what?

If your team is selected to have an intern, the Recruiter will reach out via Slack to request your job description and interview plan. The Hiring Manager will be required to develop a job description following the steps in the handbook. Once finalized, the Recruiter will get the role set up in Greenhouse, posted to our job boards, and then create a private Slack channel for the hiring team to stay aligned throughout the interview process. From there the Recruiter will begin sourcing, recruiting, and scheduling interviews.

How to get involved in the internship as a teammate

If you are not directly managing an intern but still want to be involved in the program, there are opportunities to lead or host your own internship events. Our internship events include a mix of social and team building activities, Q&As with our executive team members, and professional workshops. If you have a skill you are interested in teaching, have educational knoweldge that interns may benefit from learning, want to host one of the virtual Q&As with an executive team member, or want to offer a shadowing session for your own role, you can reach out to Kemper directly via Slack. Kemper will survey the interns during their first week to gauge interest and then reach out directly to you to plan and schedule the event throughout the summer.

For more detail about the internship recruiting and offer process, click here.

Managing an intern

Prior to the internship

Internship plans

  • Prior to the internship start date, each intern manager will create an internship plan that breaks down the interns’ summer project schedule week by week (Weeks can be combined if needed. For example “Weeks 1-2, Weeks 3-6, Weeks 7-9, Weeks 10-12). This plan will be shared with the interns during their first week so they can know what to expect for the summer and provide clarity/direction.

Finalizing the onboarding checklist

  • Each manager will confirm the necessary onboarding checklist items with Internship Program Manager to ensure the interns have a smooth and effective remote onboarding experience.

Wage and hour guidelines

  • Prior to the internship program, compliance information for managing an hourly intern will be shared with each intern manager. The manager must also share this information with each intern on Day 1.

During the internship


  • We use Rippling to report/approve internship working hours.
  • When your intern submits their hours in Rippling each pay-period, you will receive an email letting you know that there is a timecard waiting for your approval. Simply open the email, review the information, and select the ‘Review and Approve’ button. This will direct you to the Rippling platform where you can review more timecard details and approve them if accurate. If you have any payroll/Rippling questions, please reach out to
  • Note: The required 30 minute lunch break is unpaid, but the required 10 minute breaks should be paid and do not need to be tracked on timesheets.

1:1 Meetings

  • Consistent feedback is crucial to a successful internship. We expect managers to conduct a weekly 1:1 with their intern(s) for the duration of the internship program. The internship program manager will share a 1:1 template and a weekly project tracker with each intern manager prior to the internship start date.

Points of contact

2022 internship cohort

Internship cohort

Internship projects

Prior to the end of the internship, each intern will complete a final project in the form of a LinkedIn post and video. These projects will reflect and recap the internship experience. Prompts and details have been shared internally and you can reach out to Kemper Hamilton with any questions.

Internship events

In addition to each interns’ projects and responsibilities, there will be a scheduled social and educational events to enhance the internship program experience. Google calendar invites will be sent for each of the events when dates are determined. If the event dates/times are updated, your google calendar invites will also be updated.

Payroll FAQs

  • Q: Is there any way to retroactively update/add working hours for previous days?

    • A: Yes, you can manually update your hours by submitting change requests or going to “My Time” and changing your hours worked directly.
  • Q: Am I allowed to work any hours on Saturday or Sunday?

    • A: Yes as long as you don’t go over 40 hours per week and 8 hrs per day.
  • Q: Does our Process St. onboarding count as working hours that we can clock in for?

    • A: Absolutely!
  • Q: Is it correct to think that most of the time we’ll be logging 40-hour work weeks in Rippling?

    • A: Yes, we anticipate a consistent 40 hours/week report unless your manager is aware you’ll be working less than 40 hours in a certain week and/or unless you have overtime approved by your manager ahead of time.
  • Q: How do International interns submit expenses for reimbursement?

    • A: International interns can submit their expense reimbursements via an invoice emailed to Here is a link to a template.
  • Q: How do US interns submit expenses for reimbursement?

    • A: US Interns will submit for reimbursements through Airbase.
  • Q: Do I clock hours into Rippling on PTO?

    • A: Yes, clock in regular work hours and just add a comment in Rippling that you are on PTO. To make a comment, right-click a day in your “Hours Worked” section of your TimeSheet and click “Add Comment.”

Minor Travel Policy

General FYI: Sourcegraph is not able to give tax-related guidance.

If you need any additional help with Rippling, this link may be helpful!