Total Rewards

We want our teammates to be happy, healthy, and productive. In order to best support that, we provide competitive pay, perks, and benefits. In other words, we offer total rewards which is the total calculation of all categories Sourcegraph spends on each teammate outside of software and hardware used to be successful in their role. Below is a breakdown of categories that make up total rewards.

What makes up total rewards?

Total rewards = annual compensation + annual projected equity value + monetary perks + average annual spend on health benefits

You can view your total rewards package in your Assemble profile. Follow the directions here.


We pay competitively in order to attract the best possible talent to Sourcegraph and reward Teammates for the work that they do. We are committed to keeping compensation competitive, merit-based, and non-discriminatory, to make sure all Teammates have a financial stake in the success of Sourcegraph and that contributions are rewarded.

To review our full compensation philosophy review our Compensation & Pay Transparency page. Additional handbook pages for a deeper look into compensation at Sourcegraph are listed below:

Components of compensation

At Sourcegraph, we aim to hire the best possible talent and want to ensure our Teammates feel valued from a compensation standpoint. Our compensation package is one component of total rewards and is composed of: base pay and/or commission.

Base pay:

Each job level has a corresponding compensation band. Our band entry points are benchmarked to the 75th percentile of US technology company market data, and the top of the band is 15% above the band entry point. We re-set salary bands every six months in alignment with our Impact Review Process to ensure our compensation remains up to date and market competitive. This means that every year, our band entry point may go up, down, or stay the same. And if our band goes down, we will never decrease our teammate’s pay.

If we are given reason to believe that Radford data doesn’t match existing market rates, we may leverage other data sources to verify and/or adjust the band. In addition, the People Team reserves the right to manually adjust any band at any time to benefit the business and our teammates.


We provide Commission compensation in the form of commissions for roles that are measured by numerical performance. At this point, only certain roles in the Sales and Customer Engineering organizations are eligible for commission.


The second component of total rewards is Equity. We are an early-stage company, and every Teammate can have a huge impact on our success. We want to make sure that everyone has a financial stake in our success and that contributions are rewarded.

Our equity grants vest over four years. Once you have met your 1-year cliff your vesting shares and their estimated values begin contributing to your annual total rewards equation.

To learn more about equity at Sourcegraph visit our equity FAQ and our Handbook page on how and when stock option grants are calculated.


Sourcegraph feels strongly about investing in their teammates and ensuring they have the tools to be successful in their role. We group perks towards recharging, growing skills, and creating a strong culture of connectedness. Our perks are broken into three categories. Below you will find an overview of each category and our Perks & Benefits overview handbook page provides details for each perk.

These perks are provided to all teammates each month to ensure you have the tools you need to do your job well. For US based and Deel teammates these perks are added directly into your paycheck. For non-US based teammates, you will add these stipends to your monthly invoice.

🌐Internet 📲Cell-phone 🏃Wellness

🏡All remote 🏖️Flexible PTO 🏥Leave of Absence 📚Professional development annual budget 🏢Co-working space budget 👪Family support budget 🎧Desk Set-up for teammates 🏡✈️Travel 👋Virtual and local meetups 🚚Moving help

Health Benefits (US Teammates)

US-based Teammates are eligible for health benefits, which are determined jointly by the People and Finance teams on an annual basis (calendar year). Again, we care about our teammates inside and outside of work, and want to ensure you and your family have healthcare. Sourcegraph offers Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance covered at 100% for teammates and their dependents. You can find complete details on our coverage offerings here.

In addition to standard healthcare, Sourcegraph offers Life insurance and the option to contribute to a 401(k). Please follow the links for full details. You find more details regarding health benefits here


**How do I login to Assemble? **

Assemble is accessed by Okta. Login to your Okta dashboard and select the Assemble tile. Once in Assemble select the “employee portal” on the left hand side.

What does Assemble show? Assemble gives you a visual of your total rewards. You will see:

  • Compensation: Base pay (Commission if applicable), your job level and pay band. This highlights where you fall within your current pay band.
  • Total equity summary: You will see your equity for the next 12-months included in your total rewards visual. When you move down the page you will see a full breakdown of your entire equity.
  • Benefits & Perks: All teammates will see the monetary perks Sourcegraph offers annually. For US-based teammates you will also see the average annual amount Sourcegraph pays for health benefits.

How is total rewards calculated? The equation and an example is listed below. The best way to see this impact of total rewards is within Assemble.

Total rewards = Compensation (base + commission) + Equity vesting over the next 12 months + Perks + Benefits

How do I get the perks offered by Sourcegraph?

  • Monthly perks:
    • US-based teammates are automatically added to your paychecks.
    • PEO teammate, you will see this included in your paychecks.
    • International contactors, please add these perks to our monthly invoice.
  • Annual perks: Some annual perks require you to submit a reimbursement request. Please review this page for more details on how to utilize all perks.