Demo Instances

Currently (as of March 2021) we have 3 different Sourcegraph instances that we use to demo the product to prospects and customers. The team should default to demoing on, as Monitoring, Batch Changes, Search, and Insights are all available there. Demoing on should be avoided unless absolutely necessary; it can undergo maintenance during a demo period and trigger an alert that looks bad to the prospect.

InstanceOwnerFeature SetWhen to use
sourcegraph.comn/asearch, intel, monitoringGeneral Demos (avoid unless necessary)
demo.sourcegraph.comDevOps team (eng) for instance admin; CE for contentsearch, intel, batch changes, monitoringGeneral Demos, Batch Changes demos
k8s.sgdev.orgDevOps team (eng)search, intel, insightsAdvanced/experimental features, do not modify.

Demo Instance Language Examples

LanguageLSIF EnabledExample RepoDemo 101 FlowRepo Setup
TypeScriptYesIncubator eChartsTBD
  • Language: The name of the language
  • LSIF Enabled: Whether or not the repo has LSIF data uploaded for Precise Code Intelligence.
  • Example Repo: Link to the example repo.
  • Demo 101 Flow: Link to the associated demo flow for the language.
  • Repo Setup: Link to a guide on setting up a repo on this instance.

Future Plans:

We will get up to full feature parity with the other instances in order to allow CEs to use that sole instance for all product demos.

The next step is to get example repos for each of the demos and demo flows written for each one. WIP demo repo instructions here.