Support business continuity plan (BCP)

Our SLAs by themselves do not provide our customers the reassurance they deserve to know that we have practices and protocols in place that guarantee the availability of our support services. To this end, this page describes the details of how we maintain business continuity from a support services perspective.

Team redundancy

Our team is located in several geographies around the world as a byproduct of being an all-remote company. This means that we are protected from geography-specific disasters. If a member of our team is experiencing a power outage, for example, every other member of the team is located at a different location, ensuring this redundancy.

Services availability

We use Zendesk to manage our support workflow. Customers have several ways to engage us (outlined here. This means that if Zendesk is unavailable, we have the original service as back-up (most commonly either Slack or the Gmail inbox for

If ever a customer was worried that we were having issues and uncertain we had received notification of their request for help, our customers can request having the phone number of their assigned account executive or customer engineer as a back-up for them to meet any internal business continuity plans they (our customer) may have.

Review and testing

The support team reviews this page for accuracy on a quarterly cadence. If a customer would like to initiate testing of how we maintain continuity, they can request to do so and we will run a test meaningful to that customer.