Company sponsored travel

Sourcegraph is an all-remote company. This means we all need to make an effort to travel to meet up in person and spend quality time with other team members all around the world.

Travel Planning Guidelines

  • Travel is usually disruptive, even when it’s productive. When planning a trip, consider the impact on your team and clients, and choose dates and times that make sense and don’t have an unreasonable impact on your work or your teammates. If you’re not sure, consult your manager.
  • When planning a trip with another teammate(s), actively gauge the level of comfort of others for both the activities you’ll be engaging in, and how you plan on meeting up. Be inclusive of different interests in the group.
  • For team travel, not everyone on your team may be able to join your meetup. If you will be discussing work related things that involve members of the team who are not physically present, you must find a way to include them remotely. Accessibility to conversations is important, and all teammates must feel included, whether or not they are joining in person.
  • All meetups are to remain completely optional for all attendees.
    • Due to the current circumstances of Covid-19, everyone is experiencing comfort on differing levels. It is important to honor boundaries around comfort during this time. For more information on adhering to proper Covid-19 protocols during your trip planning, please review the Sherpa feature in TripActions.
  • Use your best judgement and defer to local jurisdictions in determining the number of attendees and restrictions you may need to abide by.
  • When planning or attending any type of meetup, remember that you are representing the Sourcegraph team. In alignment with our company values, we encourage a lens of inclusion in creating an equitable meetup for all teammates.
  • Assume people don’t want to shake hands, hug, high-five etc.
  • Follow local laws, customs, and safety regulations during every step of the meetup process.
  • The Company will reimburse testing for Covid-19 when traveling for Company events. The typical reimbursed test is approximately $25 per person per trip.

Travel budget philosophy

We are a high agency team. Be economical in choosing your accommodation, modes of transportation, and where you’ll be dining. We understand that there may be limits, and we urge you to find options that are both convenient for you while being reasonable regarding reimbursements for the company.

For example: If you are attending a conference and see that a cheaper hotel is a half hour away from your conference venue, but you will need to pay for the taxi to the venue which would ultimately make your cost the same, book a more convenient option!

Travel budgets are not transferable between types and are based on our fiscal calendar year. That means unused budget doesn’t roll over into the next year, but they will renew on February 1st each year.

For example:

  • A teammate cannot reallocate the budget from a company-wide event to an individual trip.
  • A teammate cannot use their team budget for individual travel.

There are five types of company-sponsored, company-paid travel:

  1. Company-wide travel (intended for company-arranged, company-wide meet-ups)
  2. Team travel (intended for you to connect with the team to which you belong)
  3. Individual travel (intended for you to build relationships with teammates in the wider company)
  4. Business/customer travel (intended for business-related events or customer meetings)
  5. Professional development/ educational travel (intended for you to incorporate travel into a development opportunity if necessary)

1. Company-wide travel

This travel budget is intended for teammates to attend company-wide meetups, arranged by the company. Each teammate has two fully-paid trips (flights, lodging, food, transportation) to the chosen locations of company meet-ups each year.

  • Winter party (typically held in San Francisco)
  • Spring/summer event

2. Team travel

Each team is allocated $4,000 USD per year per teammate for team meetups, so you can connect and build relationships with the members of your own team. Considering the intention, this applies when a minimum two members of the team get together. The best team trips are the ones with 50% bonding, and 50% work/collaboration time factored in. In planning your Team travel, feel free to reference a sample agenda below:

9am-12pm: Breakfast + Team collaboration time 12pm-1pm: Team lunch 1-4pm: Team bonding activities 5-6pm: Solo time 6-8pm: Team dinner

Factor in as much time to spend together during the trip and leave room for solo-exploring/recharging separate from the group.

  • This is designed to allow each team to hold at least one event every six months (in addition to the company-wide events above).
  • This budget can be used for travel (airfare, trains, etc.), lodging (hotels, rental homes, etc.), events, meals and entertainment.
  • Teams are expected to use discretion about what events are appropriate for team outings. Be inclusive of all of the groups interests.
  • If one individual is a member of multiple teams, they will receive the same amount for each of their teams.
  • The budget can be used for online team bonding events if the team prefers. See our Remote-friendly team bonding document for ideas.

3. Individual travel

Each teammate has one fully-paid trip per year to meet up with an individual or a group. The intention for this travel is for you to connect and build relationships with teammates in the wider company, i.e. in other teams and/or locations, that you may not reach at team events. Consider using this to spend time with a teammate from another team, with whom you work closely or with whom a personal meeting may be beneficial.

  • People Ops and Finance may approve trips in excess of $2,500 for certain circumstances.
  • This trip is in addition to the other benefits mentioned on this page.

4. Business/customer travel

For teammates with business-related travel requirements aligned with Company goals, trips will be fully paid pending manager/director approval in addition to above budgets. Please note you cannot combine the Teammate In-person Gathering budget with Category 4 trips. We would include the following types of meetups in Category 4:

  • Customer Champion meetups
  • Director to Executive level meetups (no approval required)
  • Marketing conferences
  • Regional Sales Kickoff (Sales, Sales Ops, CE included)
  • Conference speaking engagement conferences

5. Professional development stipend and educational travel

Each teammate has $1,000 per fiscal year to spend on professional development opportunities that will enhance the knowledge, human skills, and thinking required to fulfill the purpose of your role and advance your career at Sourcegraph.

This professional development budget includes:

  • Reading materials: Books, magazines, and subscriptions (digital or printed)

  • Role specific: License fees / continuing education specific to your role

  • Educational experiences:

    • Courses, workshops, and/or exhibitions, both digital or in-person (including transportation)
    • Extended educational degrees, university classes, and certifications
  • Conferences: Attending conferences relevant to your role (the attendance and travel fees associated with them

  • Leadership/professional coaching: obtaining certified professional coaching outside of our organization or continuing to work with your Modern Health coach beyond our given 10 annual coaching credits

*Best practice tip: Request budget approval from your manager before booking any professional development opportunities.*

If any of the above meet the guidelines for usage and fall within your $1,000 allowance, you do not need approval from Finance + People Ops. If you have your eye on something that exceeds the allowance but is important to your role and/or team, please first raise the request with your manager and your manager can reach out to Finance for approval PRIOR to booking.

Obtaining Manager Approval:

This section will inform you how to obtain manager approval and get sign-off for your professional development opportunity.

Information Needed:

The applicant is responsible for collecting the information below (where applicable), and each cost must be estimated in USD:

  • Event name and link to the website:

  • Event Location (city, country):

  • Duration of stay (days, nights):

  • Is quarantine required for travel? If so, for how long:

  • Registration fee:

  • Airfare:

  • Ground transportation:

  • Hotel and lodging:

  • Meals:

  • Total cost:

  • Additional information (if applicable):

Approvals Process:

  1. Applicant collects information as described above before any booking or reservation
  2. Applicant sends their manager the above information via email with the title [Approval for Professional Development Stipend on insert date]
  3. The manager works with the director to ensure that the budget is available
  4. The manager confirms with the applicant if the application is approved or not

For any anticipated spending over $1,000 USD, please follow the above steps and CC the travel@sourcegraph alias with a note included in the title as [Approval for Professional Development Stipend - Anticipated Spend over 1k].

Budget best practices and additional spending categories

Hotel accomodations:

We advise spending within reason for the location you are visiting, with a $300 USD per night maximum spend limit (including taxes, fees, and parking).

Spending over $300 USD per night requires additional approvals from Finance / People Ops.

Please send an email with your manager and department VP cc’d including your proposal. In this email, please share screenshots from your research showing why your proposal would be the most economical option given the surrounding hotels. Finance will reply with an approval or request to book other accommodations.

Modes of transportation:

  • Economy class is recommended for booking all travel. (If you need any higher tier of booking, reach out to Finance/People Ops for approval.)
  • Travelers must book flights at least 30 days in advance to avoid premium airfare pricing. (If you need to book a flight on short notice, reach out to Finance/People Ops for approval.)
  • Book from travel providers that offer flexible cancellation policies and refundable rates, should your plans change at any time.
  • We strongly encourage obtaining travel insurance, especially in the Covid environment.
  • Sourcegraph will pay for flight to and from locations. Any changes made to your itinerary to extend your trip and change your flight itinerary will be out of pocket expenses.
  • At this time, we do not reimburse airport traveler programs, such as TSA-Pre, Global Entry, or Clear.
  • Gas and parking would be considered reimbursable within the applicable budget (Category 2,3,5) travel.
  • When driving a personal vehicle to a company-sponsored event (Category 1, 4), the Company will reimburse based on current IRS standard mileage rate of $0.56 per mile for 2021. This reimbursement per mile incorporates not only the cost of the fuel, but also maintenance and wear and tear of the vehicle. Upon expense submission, please provide a calculation of miles driven to and from the event.
  • Ride-shares (Uber, Lyft, etc.) are encouraged whenever possible instead of renting a car.
    • If you’re in the US and would like to rent a car, we recommend checking with the following companies before booking your car rental elsewhere:

Dining and your per diem:

We ask you to use your best judgment when traveling and spending company money. Don’t go overboard with spending on food and drinks. Always ask for receipts for expenses over $25 USD and keep them organized.

  • All teammates will receive a per diem while they travel:
    • $80 per day for all 3 meals, alcoholic beverages included.
    • Any additional spending for food or drinks will come out of your own pocket.
  • Please note that this is money that is available to be reimbursed, and you will not roll over any unused money to the next day. We encourage you to use this set amount, as your daily per diem amount will reset the following day.
  • We will reimburse only your own portion of the bill if you’re traveling with a non-teammate, so make sure to separate your bills or ask for separate receipts.

Trip Summary

Please see below for a complete summary of spend limit, per diem, and hotel budget guidelines for each type of trip. The best practice is to plan your trip in accordance with the per diem and hotel policy, in order to efficiently use the spending budget allowed. Costs incurred will only be reimbursed to spending limits provided (or the applicable guidance), so it is up to the individual/team how to best allocate that spending allowance for their trips.

Trip CategoryTotal Spend LimitPer Diem?Hotel Budget?
Team$4,000Recommended if under budget onlyRecommended if under budget only
Individual$2,500Recommended if under budget onlyRecommended if under budget only
Education$1,000Recommended if under budget onlyRecommended if under budget only

Dependent care budget:

If the company has requested for you to travel and you incur expenses for the care of children, family members with hardships/disabilities, elderly, or pets who are fully dependent on you, we may consider assisting with the costs. If this applies to you, please reach out to People Ops with a motivation and a breakdown of the costs, and we’ll see what we can do to help.

How to book your trip in TripActions

TripActions is our source of truth for booking travel. All teammate travel must be booked through this platform to be considered within your travel budgets. Please refer to our TripActions guide which covers topics including: account setup, how to book a trip, bookings policy, etc.

For any additional questions, please reach out to #finance and #people-ops at Also, you can post in #expense-inquiries via Slack.

Budget Template

We have provided an easy-to-complete travel budget calculator for your next team trip. See our Travel Budget Example for ideas when submitting requests.