Sources of truth

Metric (linked to definition)Source of truth linkGroup
ARRARR trackerFinance/Sales
IARRARR trackerFinance/Sales
New Business IARRARR trackerFinance/Sales
Expansion IARRARR trackerFinance/Sales
Churned IARRARR trackerFinance/Sales
Net dollar retentionARR trackerFinance
LogosARR trackerFinance
Open pipelineSalesforce (current quarter and current fiscal year)Sales/Finance
Qualified pipelineSalesforceSales/Marketing/Finance
Weighted pipelineSalesforceSales/Marketing/Finance
Average sales priceARR trackerSales/Finance
Average revenue per userSales/Finance
Close rateSales
Win rateSales
Active userLooker** up for discussionProduct
RetentionAmplitude for Cloud; Self-hosted is WIPProduct
Account setupsLooker for non-Cloud instancesProduct
Feature saturationLooker for non-CloudProduct
Time to fill (coming soon)TalentWallTalent
Time to hire (coming soon)TalentWallTalent
Offer accept rate (coming soon)TalentWallTalent
Product qualified lead (PQL)Lead analyticsProduct
Marketing qualified lead (MQL)Lead analyticsMarketing
Customer health scoreCustomer health dashboardCE
License seatsSourcegraph (if you have site admin access) or SalesforceSales/CE