Release Team


Enable any Sourcegraph customer or user to trial or run (in production) Sourcegraph in a way that is compatible with their environment, supports their level of technical expertise, and allows them to easily access the value that our product provides. Make it as easy as possible to access this value, and to maintain it going forwards by easily staying up to date with Sourcegraph’s latest developments.



For more detailed information on the Release team members, check out our README page which expands on our profile.




If in doubt about the process, please ask in #discuss-releases. Teammates should consult our support-rotation guide to handle inquiries.

Requesting our support

Feel free to direct simple questions to us in #discuss-releases in Slack. As a rule of thumb, anything that is not documented in our handbook or docs usually indicates it is not a simple question (e.g. feature requests) and should follow our support request guidelines below.

  • This channel is regularly checked and well-monitored
  • So please do NOT directly message or CC an engineer—this is to try and protect their focus
  • Instead, if it’s urgent, please mention @release-team in the channel and we’ll ensure it gets the best response

Support request guidelines

Support requests related to our areas of ownership should follow this process:

  1. Make sure there is an issue—if there’s not, please create one and include:
    • A short description of the ask
    • A more detailed explanation of the background, the context and the challenge that needs solving
    • Any guidance related to the impact this is having
    • Any extra information that could help us solve or prioritize this
  2. Ensure label team/release is added to the issue
  3. Ensure that the issue is added to the ”Release” board in GitHub
  4. Anything without a status is checked and triaged weekly - so this is enough for feature requests or less urgent issues
  5. If you think this needs eyes 👀 sooner


We inherit Sourcegraph’s engineering principles and practices.