Org chart

We are organized in 3 orgs:

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For a list of engineering relevant Slack channels to join see the team chat page in the handbook.


Sourcegraph has a lot of repositories!

Where Sourcegraph is built (things you’ll find out-of-the-box)

How Sourcegraph gets deployed

Where Sourcegraph gets extended functionality

How Sourcegraph operates as a business

Sourcegraph deployments and other developer test instances

Slack channels

Slack channels for non-team-specific engineering interests typically start with a #dev- prefix

The current channels are:


This point lives here for now:

  • We require passing checks on GitHub PRs before merging (and don’t allow direct pushes to main). Sometimes it’s nice to push without waiting for checks (such as for docs-only changes), but this is outweighed by the downside that people too often accidentally merged changes that broke the build. Certain kinds of low risk changes (e.g., documentation only changes) may only run a subset of the build pipeline so that checks pass quickly in those cases.